Show Times 播出时间

在地食光 Food Moments

(Premieres 2 November 2014)
Sun 星期日 8:30pm (Astro AEC and
Astro AEC HD)
Tasteful Life 寫食人生

(Premieres 20 April 2014)
Sun 星期日 10:00pm
Mon 星期一 1:00pm & Sat 星期六 7:30pm
Taste with Jason 8 阿贤人情味 8
(Premieres 2 September 2012)
Sun 星期日 10:00pm
Mon 星期一 01:00pm & Sun 星期日 11:30am
Axian's Food Adventures 3
阿贤贪吃路线 3

(Premieres 5 Jan 2014)
Sun 星期日 10:00pm
Mon 星期一 1:00pm & Sat 星期六 7:30pm
(Regions: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei & etc)
Life Moments 遇见生命

Astro AEC (CH301)
(Premieres 9 November 2013)
Sat 星期六 10:00pm
Sun 星期日 8:00am & Tue 星期二 1:00pm
(Regions: Malaysia, Brunei)
Taste with Jason Sr.5 阿贤人情味 5

新加坡8频道(Singapore Channel 8)
Sat 星期六 09:30pm

Axian (Jason Yeoh)

簡介 Brief


電視主持人兼製作人,生於檳城,少年時期協助母親賣咖喱麵。主修電子電訊工程,曾任職電訊工程師、電臺DJ、電視臺新聞記者、電視台節目策劃。2009年自組「全職生活」電視製作團隊,從本土出發,以人文關懷記錄庶民生活,鏡頭所及,情之所及,讓陌生的心更為靠近,流露真摯誠懇的情感、展示溫柔良善的力量。「全職生活」製作的電視節目都外銷至亞洲各地,並在全球最大視頻點播平台Netflix播出,成為深受亞洲觀眾喜愛的馬來西亞本土節目,同時也榮獲大馬和亞洲電視大獎最佳清談節目與最佳生活休閑節目等殊榮。著有《阿賢好食光》 (2017)。

Jason Yeoh (Axian):

Born in Penang, Jason (a.k.a. Axian) grew up assisting his mother in her curry laksa stall. He got his first taste of the show business when he worked as a radio deejay for Cats Radio in Sarawak, Malaysia. After completing his studies in Electronics and Telecommunications at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, he worked as a Telecommunications Network Engineer for more than a year. However, he realized that his real interest was in broadcasting! He eventually joined Malaysian TV stations, where he worked in various roles, including TV presenting, broadcast journalism, production and content development. He then founded 'Full Time Living' production team and has been actively involved in developing TV shows with a humanistic touch. His TV shows are available on Netflix and many Asia TV networks, exciting millions of viewers across Asia and are among the few Malaysian programmes to have achieved international success. His accolades include winning the Best TV Talk Show and Best Lifestyle Programme in the Malaysia National TV Broadcasting Award and Asian TV Awards, thus creating a prominent name for himself in the competitive Asian TV market. Book:Jason‘s Food Memories (2017)

個人檔案 Personal Particulars

Name: 楊佳賢 Jason Yeoh
Place of Birth: 檳城 Penang
Horoscope: 雙魚座 Pisces
Height: 170cm
Weight: 58kg
Hobbies: Reading / Sports / Cooking / Travel
Education: 砂大電子電訊工程系畢業 Bachelor of Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering (Unimas)
Languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, English, Bahasa Malayu
工作邀約 Job Enquiry: +6018-2995126
Facebook: (阿贤杨佳贤 Axian) ; (全職生活 full time living)


工作履歷 Career

1995-1997 大學時期任職 Cats Radio 電台DJ Cats Radio DJ (During University Study)
1998 國家電訊網絡中心副經理 Assist. Manager, National Network Management Center
1999 ntv7華語新聞組記者 Broadcast Journalist, ntv7 News Room
2000 Astro 主持人兼記者 TV Presenter & Broadcast Journalist, Astro
2004 Astro制作人兼主持人 Producer & TV Presenter, Astro
2007-2008 Astro中文節目策劃 Content Development, Astro Chinese Programming
2009-Now 創辦“全職生活”影視製作工作室 Founded “Full Time Living”Production Team


影視作品 TV Shows & Movie

2019 《大馬滋味 Malaysian Flavours》

《日常好食光 Everyday Foods》

《阿賢喝咖啡Jason's Kopitiam Trails》
2018 《阿賢拜師 Jason Can't Cook》

《阿賢逛巴剎 Jason's Market Trails》

《食尚口袋名單 Gourmet Guide》

《生產者 Food Producer》

《節慶饗宴 Festive Foods》
2017 《新春暖心食譜 CNY Comfort Food Recipes》

《阿賢好食光Jason's Food Memories》
2016 《阿賢亞洲好食光 Jason Tastes Asia》

《誠食廚房Honest Food Kitchen》

《暖心食譜Comfort Food Recipes》
2015 《廉呷特工 Budget Foodie》
2012 《在地食光 Food Moments》
2011 《寫食人生Tasteful Life》
2010 《遇見生命 Life Moments》
2009 《阿賢貪吃路線 Axian’s Food Adventures》
2006 《星語觸動 Star Face2Face》
2005 《阿賢人情味 Taste with Jason》
2004 《賢途有你 Journey with Jason》
2002 《點線追緝 Life File》
2000 《投資兵法 Stock Watch》


榮譽 Recognitions

- 馬來西亞影視大獎最佳清談節目-賢途有你
Best TV Talk Show in National TV Broadcasting Award Anugerah Seri Angkasa 2004 – Journey with Jason
- 入圍馬來西亞影視大獎最佳主持人獎
Best TV Host Finalist in National TV Broadcasting Award Anugerah Seri Angkasa 2005
- Men We Love Award
- 入圍2007亞洲電視大獎最佳清談節目 - 賢途有你
Best TV Talk Show Finalist in Asian TV Awards 2007 - Journey with Jason
- 2012 亞洲電視大獎《最佳生活類節目評審推薦大獎》- 阿賢貪吃路線2
Best Lifestyle Programme (Highly Commended) in Asian TV Awards 2012 - Axian’s Food Adventures Sr2
- 入圍 2012亞洲電視大獎最佳清談節目- 遇見生命
Best TV Talk Show Finalist in Asian TV Awards 2012– Life Moments
- 南洋報業基金《16導航》貢獻大使
Ambassador of Yayasan Nanyang 16 Navigators Charity Fundraising
- 入圍2013 亞洲電視大獎《最佳生活類節目》 - 阿賢人情味8
Best Lifestyle Programme Finalist in Asian TV Awards 2013 - Taste with Jason 8
- 入圍 2014 亞洲電視大獎最佳清談節目- 遇見生命2
Best TV Talk Show Finalist in Asian TV Awards 2014– Life Moments

專輯 Album

2003 星光燦爛迎新歲
2004 手圈手一起走EP
2005 幸福醒了(賢途有你音樂原聲帶)
2008 MY Astro快樂到鼠大團圓
2009 MY Astro 牛轉乾坤慶團圓
2010 MY Astro 舞虎揚威大日子
2011 MY Astro 天天好天好福氣
2012 MY Astro 全民賀歲Ulala
Little Nyonya

Food Recomendation